Fence mesh
Product description

Bilateral guardrail net, also known as bilateral wire guardrail net, is a type of guardrail net that has been chosen by a large number of customers due to its low price and easy installation. The double-sided silk guardrail net produced by Anping County Deshun Silk Mesh Co., Ltd. has a simple structure, fewer materials, low processing costs, and is convenient for remote transportation, resulting in low engineering cost; Integrating the bottom of the fence with the brick and concrete wall effectively overcomes the weakness of insufficient stiffness of the fence and enhances its protective performance. It is now widely accepted by customers with high usage.

Double sided guardrail net product specifications:

(1) Dipped plastic thread with a diameter of 3, 5mm to 6, and 0mm;

(2) Mesh: 60x120mm, 90 * 170mm (50x100mm; 50x150mm can be customized according to requirements), connecting both sides with double-sided threads;

(3) Large size: 2.5mx3, 0m; Common size 1.8mx3m

(4) Column: 48mmx0.5-3mm steel pipe immersed in plastic treatment; (Can choose between square or circular tube columns)

(5) Border: None;

(6) Attachment: Rainproof cap connection card anti-theft bolt;

(7) Connection method: card connection.