Metal fence
Product description

Stadium fence is a new type of protective product designed specifically for sports stadiums. This product has a high net body and strong anti climbing ability. It is also known as the "sports stadium fence", which can be used for on-site construction and installation of fence columns and fences. The main feature of the product is strong flexibility, and the structure, shape, and size of the mesh can be adjusted at any time according to requirements. Sports field fencing is particularly suitable for use as a court fence, basketball court fence, volleyball court, and sports training ground with a height of less than 4 meters. Dipped plastic products are made of steel as the matrix and weather resistant polymer resin as the outer layer (thickness 0.5-1.0MM). They have the characteristics of corrosion prevention, rust prevention, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, insulation, aging resistance, good hand feel, environmental protection, and long service life. They are the replacement products of traditional coatings such as paint and zinc plating. Their surface is dipped plastic and coated with plastic